Life is about having fun, get a kid or two, falling in love. However people who are attracted to the same sex, are being treated like a freak. In this year that have almost ended, we have heard this exact thing on the news: “A young boy/girl were found this morning dead, after hanging/drowning/killing him-/herself because that girl/boy was in fact gay.”

Some people might think that this will be better for the world, but it isn’t. Human lives has much more to offer, even if someone loves one of the same sex. Jim Wallins wrote a blog about Christians and bullying and I found it fascinating. Here is a quote from the blog: “A bully is a person who habitually intimidates, harasses, or commits violence against those who are smaller, weaker, or more vulnerable because of their “outsider” status. A bully stands in opposition to all of what Christ taught and lived.”-Jim Wallins

I am not a Christian person, however my mom and brother are. They are open minded for gay people and wouldn’t mind if I was gay. The issue which usually is in every home, is that either your parents, friends or grandparents are homofobic, or just don’t accept homosexual people which causes a huge amount of stress on the homosexual one.

Wonder why some people just can’t accept gay people. This is my point of view for these kind of tragedies. Think twice before you do anything irrational.

-Kaj Thec Riprep


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